Behind the Scenes: The Blast Chiller

Welcome to the first in our Behind the Scenes at Taste Tibet mini series! Everything you never knew you needed to know about how stuff works in our kitchens, minds - you name it!

We are kicking off Episode 1 with an introduction to our blast chiller as this ties in neatly with important news of the week, but do let us know what you'd like to hear more about. We won't necessarily guess - you'd be amazed at how comfortable we've got with some of the more surprising and challenging aspects of our business life.

First off, who knows what a blast chiller is?

Environmental Health love a good blast chiller, and we have two massive machines to this name in our back kitchens now. Basically the food goes in piping hot and is blasted with cold air to either fridge or freezer temperatures as you choose. The council's hygiene people get very excited about them as food is always safest when it's either very hot or very cold, and the blast chiller takes it from one state to the other in record time (90°C to 0°C in just 90 minutes).

When Lockdown 1 hit, we switched from serving hot food to delivering cold food for reheating at home. It is the blast chiller that enabled us to do this safely. If you took delivery of our steamed momos or chilled curry this is how it was done!

Now that we are in more settled times, we are still working our chillers super hard. The kitchen team always cook more food than we need for the takeaway, and this is then blast-chilled and boxed up for the display freezer which you pass on your way in.

Do not walk by! During opening hours this food is available to purchase at a discounted rate. Current stock and prices look like this:

Heavenly Vegan Momos: 8 for £7

Big Beef Momos: 8 for £8

Taste Tibet Famous Chicken Curry: £6.50

Spinach and Chickpea Curry (VN): £6

Mixed Veg Creamy Coconut Curry (VN): £6.50

Sesame Chicken: £7

Beef Coconut Curry: £7

Tibetan Dal: £3.50

These are large portions that serve 1-2. We also have some jumbo packs of momos and family-sized boxes of dal and spinach and chickpea curry to go. These feed 4-6 people and prices on these start at £12. Come and snap them up quick!

You can find reheating instructions on our website here.

We will be adding to our frozen food section all the time, so do keep coming in to check what's in, and if you have any special requests please let us know and we will prepare it!