Reheating & Storage Instructions

Momos can be steamed, microwaved or pan-fried for reheating. If steamed or microwaved, they will retain more of their juices, but if pan-fried you will achieve the spectacular crispy bottom effect. In brief: you will need a flat-bottomed pan (not a wok) with a lid if sorts to cover. If your pan is non-stick, you will not need to add any oil. If you dont trust it, drop in a little olive oil. Either way, fry the momos on a low-medium heat for 3-4 minutes on each side. If you have a lid for the pan this will speed the process up a little, and also allows the momos to steam as they fry. If you are reheating packs of 30 momos, you will probably need to microwave/fry in batches. Heating directly from frozen is possible. In this case, just add a few minutes to the cooking time.

Curries, dal and specials

We always encourage reheating on the hob. We don't have a microwave ourselves, and we think that the hob provides the best results. In either case, add a little boiling water before you reheat. This releases the juices from the food which have become absorbed during blast-chilling. Reheating on the hob directly from frozen is possible. In this case, add a little boiling water and cover with a lid. After a few minutes check in on the food and add a little more water, replacing the lid. Repeat a couple more times and check that the product is boiling through before eating (c. 15 mins). Please note that our containers may be used for reheating in the oven but not the microwave.