Momos By Zoom

It was Tibetan New year at the weekend. We have kind of celebrated, but not quite yet. We have been busy doing online cooking demos and live chats (click here) about how we would be celebrating if we were not on our Instagram or Zoom. Something everyone can relate to right now, I think.

In Tibet the lunar new year is marked by religious observances, dancing and of course feasting. Rice actually features quite large in the New Year food line-up. It is not a crop that does well at high altitude, so historically this was an expensive commodity in Tibet. It was carried from Nepal, India and China in on the backs of porters and yaks over frozen peaks on journeys that could take up to four months. It was special occasion food, and even though it's now widely available on the plateau this tradition continues to hold.

Momos usually feature too. They are often the first food that families will make when they reunite for the New Year's gathering. I'm not sure we will be celebrating with momos! You are of course welcome to - this is a 15-day festival so there's still time - but we are definitely planning on doing some feasting before the holiday is up.

Does anyone have any food recs for us? We live and breathe momos and could probably do you a cooking class with our eyes closed. Let us know if you and your friends would like to join us for a virtual cook-a-long some time. And what you'd most like to learn! We really enjoyed our online momo-making sessions this weekend and sharing traditions and stories from Yeshi's home. Please raise your hand if you'd like to have a go too.

Meanwhile we are open for business in all the usual ways this week. We are delivering on Thursday. Let us know if you're outside our regular delivery area as we are always happy to add postcodes to our rounds. Abingdon and Didcot, anyone? We will go wherever people shout the loudest! Just get in touch before you order - thanks. Click here to visit out online shop and order all the good stuff for reheating at home.

Otherwise please come and see us in Magdalen Road on Friday and Saturday evening for hot takeaway. We are open 5-9pm. You can order ahead from 4pm on the day (01865 499318) or just drop by.

Finally, as ever, we are delighted to share that we delivered over 50 free meals to vulnerable people in our community this week as part of the ongoing free meals project that we are running in conjunction with Oxford Mutual Aid. This initiative relies on your donations and we are really blown away by your generosity. If you would like to contribute you can do so through our website. Add a voucher to your delivery order or just donate here. Thank you so much - you are all heroes.