Taste Tibet is thrilled to be supplying free food to frontline NHS staff in Oxford. We wil be doing this for as long as the need is there. Please support us to continue this work providing nourishing meals to as many NHS workers as we can.


Your money will be spent on the following:

Cost of ingredients
Food packaging, bags

Our team
Chefs - ordering, prepping, cooking, cleaning
Dispatch team: packaging, labeling, delivery


Additional costs

Transport - use of our van, petrol, parking

Hygiene supplies - masks, gloves, cleaning supplies etc.

This is a non-profit initiative. Everything we raise will go towards producing fresh, healthy meals for NHS frontline staff. No money will be spent on management costs, administration, advertising or rent.


We welcome donations big and small - thank you very much!

Food For The Frontline Voucher - £20

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