This home-made flatbread is a great accompaniment to all curries and stir-fries, but also sits very comfortably on the breakfast table. Enjoy with butter, honey, jam...


Refrigerating and Freezing:

Our flatbreads are cooked fresh on the day and can be stored either in the bread bin or in the fridge for three days from the point of delivery. They can also be placed directly into the freezer. If frozen, please consume within three months.


Reheating instructions:

Your flatbread will arrive freshly-made and requires no reheating if you are intending to eat it on the day. If you have some leftover, we recommend warming it slightly before you eat it. The best way is in the toaster! You will need to cut the flatbread in half and make sure you pop it up after 30-40 seconds as the idea is to warm it and not toast it. Otherwise you can try heating it in a dry (no oil) flat-bottomed pan on a low-medium heat - just a minute or two on each side. You can also heat in the oven or the microwave.


A note on food and COVID-19:

You are extremely unlikely to catch COVID-19 from food. There is currently no evidence to suggest that transmission occurs through the foodborne route. We are scrupulous about food hygiene and always do everything we can to maintain our 5-star hygiene rating. If you are worried about food packaging, you can decant your food into your own containers on delivery. All our packaging is recyclable: please dispose of it responsibly.


Home-made Tibetan Flatbread (VN)

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