Wallingford Delivery: Thurs 4th March

Thank you so much for your interest in supporting Taste Tibet to provide free food for Oxford’s frontline NHS workers. We have already started rolling this service out, and have been blown away by the support of our local community towards keeping it going. We would like to be able to continue this initiative for as long as the NHS needs us. To do this, we need you! 


This is an entirely non-profit initiative. Everything we raise on this page will go towards producing fresh, healthy meals for NHS frontline staff. Your money will not be spent on management costs, administration, advertising or rent.

This is how we'll spend it:


  • Cost of ingredients

  • Food packaging, bags

Our team:

  • Chefs - ordering, prepping, cooking, cleaning

  • Dispatch team: packaging, labeling, delivery

Additional costs:

  • Transport - use of our van, petrol, parking

  • Hygiene supplies - masks, gloves, cleaning supplies etc.

We welcome contributions big and small. Think of this as a Just Giving page, but in the format of an online cart - just click on the amount you would like to donate, and take it to the checkout for processing. 


Thank you so much for your support!