Silvie Summer Celebration

It's summer! Taste Tibet will be celebrating with two pop ups at Silvie this Thursday and Friday evening. Please join us! Our beautiful tent will be out on the Silvie forecourt between 5 and 8.30pm both nights for delicious bar snacks. Eat on site at one of Silvie's many outdoor tables, or take home. Momos will be on the pan, and - drumroll please - we will be debuting Yeshi's incredible cold sesame noodles, which are the perfect accompaniment to Silvie's amazing selection of draft beer. Lots of your Tap Social favourites will be available for take out - do not miss these! Our new dish is made with either wheat or glass (thread) noodles - you choose. Either way it's entirely plant-based. Do

Thank You And What Next?

With apologies to those of you missing the nod to Ariana Grande, two very important announcements in this week's blog: If you live in or around Abingdon, make sure you read to the end of this piece. Our Feeding the Frontline initiative has reached the end of its road. The canteens are up and running again at the JR and Churchill hospitals where we made most of our drops, and food is no longer the primary need. The Oxford Hospitals Charity, which has been facilitating our work, is currently shifting its focus to support staff in other ways. Heartfelt thanks to EVERYONE who has donated to this effort over the past twelve weeks. Your contributions made it possible for us to feed hundreds of NHS

The Lunatics in the Hood

Anyone else undertaking massive renovation work during COVID? Ha! The lovely Izzy, who helped us to get this project off the ground, told us that lots of people had been interested in the property that we are transforming into Taste Tibet's new home, but that nobody else she knew had gone for it because of the scale of the task. And that was before a global pandemic! But the excavation work at 109 Magdalen Road - and that's pretty much what it has been - has been fun. The rooms upstairs, which now sing with modern conveniences, were once insulated only by four layers of carpet, and at last we have a roof over what the children like to call the "gunfight room" (because the ceiling was falling

Doorways And Carparks We Have Known

We took this picture in Tibet in 2018. Doorways are a spectacular feature of Tibetan architecture, but did you know that they are also considered places of potential danger? The wooden step across the entrance is designed to slow down an intruder, and doorways are often made deliberately low for the same reason. Some of you came to our door as far back as 2015, when we were running a takeaway out of our kids' playroom. Now we come to yours! It's a weird old world. This Sunday 14th June we are swapping doorways for the car park. Last month the people of Wallingford gave us a spectacularly warm welcome at St. George's car park, so we will be returning to the same spot for Momo Drop Part II. He

Taste Tibet 2.0 - A Sneak Peek

For those of you who missed the news (and blink and maybe you did - Chef Yeshi doesn't like "bragging", as he calls it), Taste Tibet took on new premises earlier this year, which we are currently in the process of redeveloping. Yeshi doesn't like to do things by halves - have you seen this size of our pots/ladles/cool boxes? So why not take on a wreck and rebuild? This is not a man daunted by a challenge. I put it down to his lack of formal schooling as a child. Yeshi didn't attend school until he was already a young adult, and one result of this is that he never had the stuff of life kicked out of him. He never experienced the disappointment of coming last or being told he wasn't good enoug

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