Kids, Cooking and COVID

Many of you know that Mr and Mrs Taste Tibet also run a sideline operation that is called parenting. Master and Little Miss Taste Tibet are 8 and 6 now. You may have spied them in the front of the van on one of our deliveries. Sometimes there is no hiding them: on Sunday, when we made our food drop in Wallingford, one of them was scaling the fence in the car park at one point, while the other had a short-lived tantrum on the sidelines. Some of you have asked us how we are managing to keep Taste Tibet moving during lockdown with our kids in tow. They've been off school since March, of course. Meanwhile we haven't stopped banging out the momos, and we've started delivering them to all kinds of

We Bring The Festival To You!

Now that the the rules about getting in the car have relaxed a bit (or have they? perhaps let's not go there) it becomes possible to take our food a little further, and if the festival cannot take place then how's about we bring the festival to you? This weekend we are usually down the road at Wood Festival, the kids' absolute favourite. Wood is a very mellow family-run festival for families, with great music, interesting talks and lots of fun, hands-on workshops. This would have been our sixth year at Wood - we have become part of its furniture. Instead, we will be delivering food this Sunday in Wallingford, near the festival site, to locals looking to recreate the festival feel. Would yo

Reflections On Our Mid-COVID Existence

COVID-19 has wreaked havoc in everybody's day-to-day lives, but not many people have had the experience of having to reconfigure their business overnight. We've just filed our VAT return for the last quarter, and looking back over the events and markets that we attended during this period is a strange feeling. To think that we used to be so much out there in the world! How we miss the wonderful people who used to come by our stall in Gloucester Green without fail every week. We hope that you are all doing ok. April brought the news that all the festivals we had signed up to over the summer - Glastonbury, Hay, Latitude, Cambridge Folk and Cropredy to name a few - had been cancelled. Briefly w

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