The Tibetan Businessman

When I first met Chef Yeshi he was in the process of selling his business, a market stall in Goa where he had sold jewellery and other hand-made Tibetan artefacts. He gave me a lovely ring from his collection, which I still treasure to this day. He had a really good eye for stuff, and had made a great success of his business, but his brother, who was living in New York, had persuaded him to go back to school to improve his English and gain other useful life skills. Later, of course, we both moved to the UK. It took a couple of years for the idea of Taste Tibet to form, but once it had lodged in Yeshi's mind this new business came together with staggering speed. A recce was carried out in Cam

Healing Through Diet

📸 by @a_j_knight_ Tibet is a mountainous country, parts of which are very inaccessible, and when people get ill they are usually a long way from a doctor or a hospital. Tibetans in the more remote parts of Tibet have developed their own system of healthcare in response to their experience of surviving in a particular region. In traditional Tibetan medicine, healing through diet is considered more effective than healing through medicine. Food and drink, with their minimal side effects, existed before "medicine". They may be the cause of a disease, but they can also be used to prevent it. A Tibetan doctor will always look first at administering dietary and behaviour change before prescribing

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