Love Your Stove

Do you love your stove? Maybe you do. But do you honour it, respect it, feed it? In Tibet, the family stove is the residence of the kitchen god. Look after it and you are protecting your own familial fortunes. The traditional Tibetan stove is made from mud and stone, and since most of Tibet is too high for trees, these stoves are usually fuelled by dried yak dung. In Yeshi's home, at lower altitude, the family use slow-burning oak logs. These are kept alight day and night, and provide the house with warmth, and a steady supply of yak butter tea. You don't want to offend your kitchen god. For this reason, there are strict observances when it comes to cooking on the traditional Tibetan stove.

Nettle Season

Foragers - get excited! It's nettle season, and this week's blog brings you Chef's favourite nettle soup recipe. Tibetan people love eating nettles. They call to mind the story of Milarepa, the twelfth Tibetan century saint who transformed himself from a murderous black magician into one of Tibet’s most famous yogi. It is said that during the years that he lived alone in his meditation cave near Mount Everest Milarepa lived off nothing but nettles, and that over time his skin turned green. Think of nettles as similar in taste and texture to spinach, for which they are a great substitute. They are an amazing source of iron and calcium, and they are packed full of vitamins and minerals. Nettle

Staying Slim: It's All About Attitude

People often wonder how Asian people stay so slim when food appears to be so plenty. In Tibet, it's the same story as elsewhere in the region: the dinner table is typically a grand spread every time, and people really go for it. In the west some people like to say it's genetics, but it seems to me that it's a lot to do with how people perceive food in Asia, as well as the way that they are eating. All this before you even start to think about what people are eating. Let's start with perception: in the west, many people view food as a source of unwanted calories - something that we must consume in order to allay hunger. When measured in these terms - as calories - we often eat less of what we

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