Recycling In Tibet - A Mountainous Task

When I was growing up in Tibet, recycling wasn't a word in my vocabulary. It was something that we all did instinctively, given the scarcity of materials at our disposal, plus the fact that most - if not all - of what we used was biodegradable or ripe for upcycylcling. My dad is an excellent tailor, and my auntie used to make me amazing bags and shoes out of natural materials. I never had toys as such to play with when I was small, and I didn't even own a ball until I was well gone ten. I remember that around that age a relative gifted us with a basketball, but we didn't have long to play with it before my father cut the ball in half, seeing its potential as two excellent food bowls for the

Butter Season

In Tibet, like here, it is late summer, and my brothers have been busy on the high mountains herding yak and dri (the female yak). They move from place to place, and spend most of their time milking the dri and making butter and cheese. Every so often, they send bags of this stuff back home on horses, mules and yaks (see the video below, sent recently by relatives in Tibet). My brother told me this week that they have bagged up about 500kg of butter over the last four months. Our family may sell a bag or two to people in the local town. The rest they will consume themselves over the many cold months to come. In the west we often think of butter as a necessary evil. Toast is not the same with

Oxford - We Are Back!

It's been a long old summer. We have met some amazing people along the way, and we want to give a special shout out to those of you who have supported us at festivals far and wide, in the heat and in the rain, feeding us with your warmth and enthusiasm. Thank you so much for all your encouragement! And now... drumroll please... Oxford people can find us back in our Gloucester Green Market stall this WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 5th. Yes! Wednesday is a happy day. Come and satisfy all your long lost momo/curry needs. And tell your friends! You will find us in a slightly different pitch location (the managers have moved us along a bit after our long absence) - just look out for the Tibetan flags. Momo

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