Tibetan Recipe Ideas For Hot Weather

Sorry to poop the party, but in this wonderful warm weather, don't reach for a lolly, or for an ice-cold drink. Did you know that habits like these can ultimately damage the entire digestive system? According to traditional Tibetan medicine anyway. Tibetan doctors advise against eating food or drinking liquids that are excessively cold, even during hot weather. They say that frequent consumption of salads, cold smoothies and raw juices (the very things that we associate with healthy eating in the west) can have an impact on our circulation, and even our long-term health. It can also create a situation where an acute injury becomes chronic because there is a lack of healthy circulation in and

Tibet And The Sea

Tibet is a landlocked country (we share a border with mainland China, India, Nepal, Bhutan and Myanmar), and for those Tibetan people still inside Tibet, few ever have the chance to see the sea. I was in my early twenties before I saw the ocean for the first time. By this point I was living in India, caring for my grandfather who was a monk in one of the monasteries not far from India's west coast. My grandfather never understood my excitement about the sea. "No need to go", he would say, "just look at the sky - it looks exactly the same." After my grandfather passed away, I went to live in Goa for a year or so. I had a stall in the local market selling Tibetan jewellery, bowls, and other ha

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