No Gloucester Green Market This Week

A quick heads up that we will not be running our stall in Gloucester Green Market this Wednesday 20th June. This week our team is in Cambridge catering at three of the college balls, but we will be back momo-making again in time for next Wednesday's market (27th June), so see you there! Unless of course you are one of this week's lucky ball-goers... Oxford students: you will find us at both Univ Ball and Oriel Ball this Friday. Have a great week, everyone! See you back in Glocuester Green soon. #tastetibet #tibet #tibetan #balls #collegeballs #tent

Anthony Bourdain, The Would-Be Saviour Of Street Food

TV Chef Anthony Bourdain, who died this week, was a huge advocate of street food. He described it as "the cure for fast food chains". Bourdain had hoped to create a food market in New York City to rival that of Singapore or Hong Kong. "Anybody’s grandma’s food," he once said, "is preferable in my mind than a fine dining restaurant in almost every case.” Bourdain, who was arguably the food world's biggest star, described food, and particularly street food, as a “reflection of who we are, where we come from and what we love", adding that "there is nothing more political than food... The ingredients, whether they are dried, they are pickled or preserved, these are reflections of long, often pai

The Tibetan Yak: Busting Myths, Revealing Wonders

Outside of Tibet, the yak gets a lot of flak. Visitors to Tibet have often sampled so-called yak butter tea, a drink that can taste super sour in parts of the plateau where fresh butter is hard to come by (see this post for more). Tourists may also be familiar with the highly-decorated white yak. You sometimes find these looking lonely chained up outside sites of touristic interest. There are various misunderstandings here. Firstly, yak butter, milk, cheese etc. is actually the product of the dri འབྲི་, which is the female of the species. The yak is the male beast of burden, a massive, sure-footed creature that can carry huge loads, even over snow and ice. Secondly, the white yak is a rare a

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