Are Tibetan People Vegetarian? The Lowdown

This Wednesday, November 1st, is World Vegan Day. Come and see us in Oxford's Gloucester Green market for an amazing vegan spread! But what of veganism and vegetarianism in Tibet? Is it a thing? Do Tibetan people eat meat? These are questions that we are asked often, as people consider how religious beliefs may affect the diet of ordinary people in Tibet. Chef Yeshi and Chef Namdi are a good double act when these questions pop up. Yeshi is a meat lover (with a strong desire to cut down). Namdi is a meat hater who raises his young children on a mostly vegan diet. This divide is common in Tibet and among Tibetan communities around the world. Historically, Tibetan nomads relied on a diet that w

Growing Our Own Veg

One of my earliest discoveries upon arrival in Oxford was how much people here love their allotments. In the days before Taste Tibet, when our eldest child was a baby and would sleep for hours at a time in his pram, I made my allotment my vocation. I grew industrial quantities of spinach and lettuce, green beans and coriander, strawberries and rhubarb. The allotment allowed me to create an identity for myself. I was a house husband at the time, and I quickly discovered that in middle class English society people place a lot of value on what you do for a living. Without a job that would help to explain who I was and what I was doing in Oxford, my allotment gave me something to talk about, and

Know Your Noodles

Tibetan thukpa, aka "the BEST noodles I've ever had", are this week's special at our market stall in Gloucester Green. Thank you to @eatingwithemmy for this shot taken at least year's Peace in the Park Festival. Emmy describes them as "tasty, savoury noodles with heaps of flavour". Come and check them out on Wednesday in Gloucester Green. Tibetan people do not fear carbohydrates: food that fills is a necessity at high altitude. In some parts of Tibet noodles are eaten every day, usually as an evening meal, and they are consumed in large quantities. We eat a lot of noodles at home here in Oxford, but we rarely bring noodles to our stall as they are a bit of a high maintenance food. Get them w

Himalayan Curry - What Is It?

People often ask us if curry is really a Tibetan thing. Those who have visited Tibet always remember momos and yak butter tea, but most don't have a memory of curry. The bottom line is that Tibetan people excel in comfort food. This reflects the needs of a people who live at high altitude, many of whom are nomadic and spend months of the year cooking by campfire. Thus simple, warming and filling foods have come to define the cuisine, and curry-like dishes tick all the boxes here. Spicy potato curry is a Tibetan favourite (and a regular on our summer festival menu), and meaty curry-like variations, infused with yerma, the peppercorn that is unique to the Tibetan region, are also very popular.

Food For A Fiver!

Students! Welcome (back) to Oxford! Did you know that Taste Tibet offers you 10% off everything at our Gloucester Green Market stall every single week? Now for the even better news! This Wednesday, October 4th, we are offering everyone with valid student ID the following fantastic deal at our stall: * Any meal for a fiver! * This includes all our main Himalayan curry dishes (including this week's special) and any main momo meal. Grab it while you can! And now for some more amazing news, and this news is good for everyone... This week we are bringing out our all new Taste Tibet Loyalty Card! Buy any nine main meals at Taste Tibet, and get the tenth for free! The loyalty card can be used by th

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