All About Aisling

The newest member of Team Taste Tibet is Aisling Dunne. We know Aisling from years back. We met when we were living in Beijing, where Aisling was a film and theatre actress, and sometime whiz kid at Technicolour. Aisling has visited Tibet and can speak a few words in Tibetan, to add to her skills as a translator and interpreter of Chinese. Brains and beauty. Welcome Aisling! This summer, Aisling will be coordinating the Taste Tibet team at events near and far. She joined us for a dummy run last weekend at the Blenheim Palace Food Festival, and impressed Chef Yeshi with her awesome stamina, her handling of the hungry punters (especially during a brief chicken curry drought), and her unceasing

Taste Tibet Hits Blenheim Palace

Blenheim Palace is a meaningful location for me and Yeshi. When we got married I was eight months pregnant with our son Leo, so we never managed a honeymoon on foreign shores. Instead we took a day trip to Blenheim. It was our first ever visit, and it was a beautiful autumn day. After welcoming Leo's sister Uma, Taste Tibet has become our third child. This one keeps us even busier than the other kids, but it also takes us to amazing places all over. But the best gigs are usually closest to home, and this weekend we will be pitching up at our honeymoon location for the first of two Taste Tibet Blenheim Palace pop-ups this summer. The Blenheim Palace Food Festival (May 27th - 29th) is a much f

A New Look For Taste Tibet!

Most people get this stuff together long before they launch their business, but Taste Tibet started in a hurry, and we have been so busy making momos that it has taken us almost three years to come up with a logo! Many thanks to Nick, the brilliant Brighton-based designer who took us on and came up with this fabulous piece of imagery. We love it! Nick himself may not have realised how apt and powerful his three momo-like mountains really are, but to us they are a clear representation of Tibet in its three mountains parts: U-Tsang, Kham and Amdo, the three provinces of the old Tibetan empire. Inside Tibet, the Tibetan people of Amdo, in the north, are known as our country's best chefs. I myse

Growing Our Gloucester Green Stall!

Taste Tibet is growing! Nobody likes a queue, so starting this Wednesday we are expanding our stall in Oxford's Gloucester Green market to include more serving staff and an additional adjacent pitch. Find us in our usual spot, but we will have the corner stall as well from now on, and much more space to work with! More room and more people will allow us to add more menu options in time too. Watch this space. In the meantime, if you have missed out in recent weeks because you couldn't contemplate the queue, come and try us again! We are on it! * IMPORTANT NOTE * Our Saturday stall is now sleeping until the end of the summer. We have another five university balls and numerous music and food fe

The Yaks In Our Basement

In Tibet there are more yaks than there are people, and they are important companions who provide all the basic requirements for human life on the plateau. Yak milk is made into butter, the key ingredient in Tibetan butter tea, as well as yoghurt and cheese. Yak meat is high in protein, and low in cholesterol. Yak wool can be used to make tents, knitted as sweaters, or weaved as rugs. Even yak dung, when dried and hardened, provides a useful fuel for cooking and heating. During the winter months, our yak herd lives in our family home. They fill the whole bottom floor of our house, providing heat for the upper levels. We feed them with grass collected during the autumn, and vegetables such as

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